Reel Connections Film Festival

Reel Connections Film Festival

Reel Connections is a unique film program presented by BEMAC featuring documentary, feature and short films with a focus on culturally diverse content.  With nine evenings of  film in the… more




On June 2012, BEMAC achieved a milestone 25 years of engaging, identifying, developing, promoting and presenting artists from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and performers of world music.... more
We line up the creative spirits for an ecstatic month ahead


October News

Queensland Cultural Diversity Week is in full swing and BEMAC is thrilled to present a fusion of events that celebrate and honour the diversity of the society we live in; demonstrating across differe... more

Artist Profile


Greshka is a lively five-piece gypsy band formed in 2009 certain to liven up the atmosphere and get the feet moving. The band  plays a modern concoction of the upbeat yiddish, the drunken umpahs of... more