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Motoyuki Niwa
Arts & Crafts | Asia

Motoyuki Niwa

Moto has an extraordinary range of experience and skills in visual arts and performing arts. He is serious disciple of tradition; for over 40 years of studying traditional arts includes Japanese Noh Mask Drama, Calligraphy and Kimono textile design and techniques with acclaimed masters. He also worked on graphic arts, editorial engineering, industrial design, planning, conceptual arts for major companies.

He migrated in Australia in 1994, working for community cultural development, community arts, disability, youth, elders, cross-cultural and cultural exchange contexts projects as a project developer, coordinator, facilitator, sculptor, photographer and sound artist. He also worked for numerous number of community projects and touring school projects throughout Qld, NSW, VIC and WA.

He established Contemporary Taiko Ensemble BATARI (1994-2010) and Art Ensemble Ancestral Plane (1996-2012) with Francis Gilfedder and protege Tom Mikula, presented an enigmatic arts installations for APT, Qld Multicultural Festival, Kultour program, etc. He also toured to Italy, Spain, Ireland and Japan.

Since 2012 he has been working on establishment of exchange program ‘Arts Kinship Exchange’ which aims to bridge Australian and Japanese community. As part of the project he also developing SHED project which is a series of interviews about shed; its creation, philosophy behind, as the database on creative people in regional Queensland.