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Art 4 All

Te Wawata

BEMAC will establish Te Wawata Multicultural Community Gardens, in partnership with site owners yet to be determined. BEMAC is currently negotiating with Brisbane City Council and the State Government for sites in the north. BEMAC would also like to establish a site on the south side  The garden will grow plants of cultural significance to SE Queensland’s more recent migrants and refugees, in line with the changing population makeup. Communities will include the Pacific nations of – Nuie, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Maori New Zealand and central African nations of Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and The Dem. Rep. of Congo.

The need for such gardens became apparent through the Her Hands fibre arts project where sourcing plants locally became the only viable option for communities to sustain traditional craft heritage practices. Biodiversity, helping to maintain food security of desired crops for newer, too often marginalized populations and a need to educate the young to enable cultural maintenance and sustainability of cultural heritage are the other main objectives.

If you are interested in supporting the development of such a garden concept, please email