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Ghanaian born, Nii Armah and Kenyan born, Sam Okoth, are accomplished singers, dancers and musicians, with a genuine passion for the music and culture of their native countries. Well-known for their energy, exuberance and musical talent they have travelled nationally and internationally, performing and teaching African arts and culture. Nii Armah and Sam blend traditional and contemporary rhythms from Ghana and Kenya to create a passionate, memorable and authentic African cultural experience.

Well received by audiences of all ages, Nii Armah and Sam are Queensland’s most sought after African drum and dance duo. They have taught drum and dance to school, university and college students and their team building workshops receive rave reviews. They conduct weekly drum and dance workshops in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast and they also offer private tuition in drum and dance. Their performance repertoire is extensive and includes many high-profile festivals, government and private functions. Thousands of school children have also been mesmerized by their highly interactive performances and workshops. Nii Armah and Sam released their first CD – ‘Susuma’  in December 2007. ‘Susuma’  is a collaboration of the two men, showcasing musical prowess that takes you on an uplifting and soulful journey.

Contemporary and traditional, timeless and utterly authentic! Nii Armah and Sam are pleased to welcome John Reeves as a member of Baala Baajo. UK musician, John Reeves, graduated from ‘The Royal College of Music'(London), in 1999. With ten years performing experience, John is best known as a Jazz Pianist but in recent years his love for drumming has come to the fore. He performs African music on various drums, balafon and piano. In 2007 John travelled to Ghana, West Africa, to attend a period of study with the international traditional group, ‘The Kusun Ensemble’. John first appeared with Baala Baajo at the 2007 Woodford Folk Festival.