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Camaron De La Vega
| Australia

Camaron De La Vega

Qsong awards (Australia) nominee and Vanda and Young International Song Competition finalist (Worldwide), Camaron has played guitar for many years gathering broad experience in all styles leading him to specialise in Flamenco and Jazz. He has performed concerts all over the world and has recorded 2 albums of his own music. Combining the deep groove and rhythmic intricacy of Flamenco with the harmony and phrasing of Jazz and improvised music, he is constantly searching for those moments that bring the magic to the audience through his guitar. This plus countless touring dates across the globe has kept Camaron busy for the past 15 years.

In 2007 he lived in Spain and immersed himself in the Gypsy atmosphere there, performing concerts and jamming with friends in Sevilla, Cordoba and Jerez. He was also based in Barcelona where he performed concerts to much acclaim. During 2004 he studied guitar in renowned Flamenco academy Taller Flamenco in Sevilla, and spent time in Granada learning from famous local guitarists. He then moved to England where he performed private concerts at Henley on Thames, and in London, Edinburgh, Paris and at Montreaux Jazz Festival 2004. Additionally he was guest artist for the ‘Total Guitar Sundays’ series of lectures, workshops and concerts in Dublin, Ireland. Previous international experiences have seen Cameron perform concerts in Thailand, Christmas Island and Indonesia.