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Dya Singh
| Asia

Dya Singh

Dya Singh has been one of the Australia’s pioneers in the development of new Australian World Music. He is the master musical interpreter of the traditional Sikh hymns, music with diverse influences from around the globe. Having performed around the world over the last 20 years, Dya Singh World Music Group is a true reflection of World Music, Fusion, InterFaith, Multiculturalism and also traditional Sikh Music.

Dya Singh music is an inspirational experience. The music takes you by the heart in a rhythmic way, and soothing,  uplifting, exhilarating, hypnotic, informative with interaction and improvisation between the musicians and conveying the sense of joy that arises from creativity and spirituality meeting on stage.

Dya Singh group has released over 26 CDs. The group tours nationally and around the world included arts, folk, new-age, world and sacred music festivals worldwide including WOMADelaide, Woodford Folk Festival, Singapore Arts Festival,