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Kush Sami
| Asia

Kush Sami

Kush started his journey in music when he was a mere three years old, whilst playing tabla for local religious functions. His first teacher was his uncle who gauged his interest in the instrument at an early age. He is currently a student of Punjab Gharana under the lineage senior disciples of Ustad Alla Rakha Khan Saheb. He has had the great privilege of learning from the masters of tabla, is focused to be the best student of Indian Classical Music and is devoted to the art and his gurus.

Kush has been performing across all genres for the past 8 years, nationally and internationally. He is known for his versatility across all genres having played in various world fusion, jazz, bollywood bands along with playing Indian Classical Music with various artists both locally and internationally. His strong, clear and musical tone are the highlights in his accompaniment and presents a true representation of his musical lineage.