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Matt Hsu
| Asia

Matt Hsu

Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra is a one-person experimental folk orchestra and sometimes

comedy act; involving 20+ instruments from around the world, a loop pedal, and cheeky

banter. Steeped in world music since childhood, Matt creates multi-layered compositions that

explore the grey areas between cultures; evoking soundtracks to curious international

arthouse films with forest adventures, heists, feisty heroines and sentient plants, and

animated by Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli.


A founding member of 2017 Queensland Music Award nominated gypsy punks, The

Mouldy Lovers, Matt steps out from the safety of this 7-piece ensemble and challenges

himself to compose and perform on his own two feet, using instruments ranging from

accordion, trumpet, double bass, to mbira, shakuhachi and bicycle spokes — with zero

electronic sounds.



Matt’s recordings can be heard on local radio across Australia, while his live shows are a

different beast; part multi-instrumental delight, part stand-up comedy, his performances are

lighthearted and amusingly conscious of the inherent ridiculousness in playing too many

instruments. Matt has also collaborated with international artists such as Tenzin Choegyal

(Tibet) and Kenta Hayashi (Japan), and has performed at Brisbane Multicultural Arts

Centre (BEMAC), DIY Festival, The Angry Mime, and The Bearded Lady.