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Rozana Azad
| Asia

Rozana Azad

Rozana Azad is a Bangladeshi born musician residing in Australia. Born in a musically acclaimed family, Rozana started nurturing her passion for music since childhood. She took her first lessons from her father, musicologist Azad Rahaman and her mother Selina Azad, a highly acclaimed singer in Bangladesh.

Rozana has been blessed with an angelic voice and has years of training in sub-continental classical music as well as traditional and modern Bangla songs.

Rozana started performing as a child artist in Bangladesh Television and Radio Bangladesh at an early age. She performed in different cultural events, TV and radio shows. As a young talent, Rozana participated and won prizes in national level singing competitions. She also represented Bangladesh as a performer in various cultural events and musical events in Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, and Myanmar.Rozana was a part of a research team that conducted research on Bangladeshi music for UNESCO.

In addition to playing traditional sub-continental musical instruments such as the harmonium, she enjoys playing piano and keyboard to present traditional songs in a contemporary and modern fashion.

Since moving to Queensland, Rozana has been performing in various Bangladeshi events and has enthralled a large number of audience with her performances. Rozana is an advocate of cultural integration and is open to share her musical ideas and skills with people from different cultural backgrounds. She along with her daughter, Rheanna has opened a Facebook Page named ‘Mum, Me & Music’ to showcase their songs. Their songs have been viewed, liked and shared by people from all corners of the globe. Rozana and Rheanna are a unique mother-daughter duet who enjoy showcasing their talent at various events and entertaining listeners with their brand of music, which brings in the old and the new and presents it in a manner that is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.