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Russian Folkloric Ensemble Brisbane Samotsvety
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Russian Folkloric Ensemble Brisbane Samotsvety

The Russian Folkloric Ensemble Samotsvety was established in February 2000. It’s repertory includes more than 70 Russian folkloric songs, Cossacks songs, Ukrainian, and Gipsy songs.¬†The ensemble includes 15 members (12 singers and 3 musicians). Traditional Russian musical instruments are: button accordion, 7-string guitar (Russian guitar) and domra (similar to mandolin). For larger concerts, an invited violinist joins the ensemble.

The ensemble performs in a very sensual and inspiring manner, having to his credit an extensive number of Australian festivals. Participants of the ensemble represent several waves of the Russian immigration from republics of former USSR and China (Harbin area). But what unites all ensemble members is their love to the Russian cultural heritage and dedication to preserve it in Australia.