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| Cross Cultural


Sanatani Rombola was born into a Vaishnava community in Italy, where she was raised in a gurukul. Regular study of the Vedic scriptures were a part of her education since early childhood. At the age of nine, Sanatani relocated with her family to Puri, Odisha to pursue her father’s love and devotion to lord jagannath. She began to train under the world-renowned dancer guru smt. Sujata mohapatra.under her guru’s careful guidance, Sanatani has matured into a graceful and dedicated teacher and performer.

Sanatani has performed as a soloist throughout various cities in India, Europe, and Australia. Right now residing here in the community alongside performing she also teaches this art form to all age groups. Sanatani is a dedicated artiste who sees dance as a union of art and spirituality; to her dance is the ultimate surrender of oneself to the divine.


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