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Sudha Manian
| Asia

Sudha Manian

Deeply rooted in Indian classical music traditions, Sudha Manian started her training in Indian classical music and dance: Sitar and Bhartnatyam at the age of nine with her Gurus in Hyderabad, India. Wholeheartedly committed to her art, Sudha gave numerous stage performances and participated in various music and dance competition throughout her school and college years, earning her degree in dance and sitar as a young woman before immigrating to Australia.

As a solo artist in Australia Sudha has performed traditional Indian classical music on a number of platforms and has collaborated with other diverse artists to compose, create and perform fusion / world music.

Considered one of the finest sitar players in all of Queensland, in 2016 she was a featured musician on BEMAC’s Culture Train and has performed at numerous festivals throughout the country, including the Brisbane International Jazz Festival , Festuri Festival, Shepperton Music Festival among others.

Most recently, Sudha has formed a  prodigious group called “Yatra” whose roots are steeped in Indian classical music. Meaning a journey, “Yatra” is a neoclassical band comprising sitars, a didgeridoo, a bass, tabla, and vocals. Together “Yatra” creates a perfectly orchestrated sound evoking a cocktail of emotions and an orchard of stories.

Yatra has recently performed at the Festuri Festivals and at BEMAC.