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Ann Britton: “View Outback QLD via My Lens” Exhibition

Ann Britton: “View Outback QLD via My Lens” Exhibition

Capturing the natural light is my passion and challenge, in the wide open spaces, big sky country I live in. What I see is what you view. ” – Ann Britton
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BRA_6919 copyBRA_6216 galahs in flight over dry ground 29 12 2015 copy BRA_5683 Clearview Cattle edited 24 11 2015 copy

A photography exhibition of Ann Britton’s work is currently featured all around the Queensland Multicultural Centre.

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“I’d like to introduce you to a lady who packed up from the City and moved to the Outback at the age of 15. Ann Britton is a self taught photographer. Since moving to the bush she found her camera to be her best friend and the beauty of the outback her first love. Not a day goes by that Ann doesn’t take a photo and she has shared her pictures for over 30 years. Over the years Ann has managed to captivate the scenery and share through her lens the “Real Outback”. Ann’s photos include the day-to-day life of working a property or three. With moving cattle through paddocks, loading the cattle on to trucks for sale, checking fences and waiting desperately for rain. I’ve never been so drawn into the spectacular Australian Outback as I have been drawn into Ann’s photography. With these photographs I’m able to share a small part of what the outback is really like. The word Drought, is just a word to most city folk, however when you see the dust storms captured on film, you can actually feel the dirt blowing around you and on you. You can feel the excitement when rain has fallen elsewhere and the water starts to flow through dry river beds. Ann’s photography shows you all of these stages; the amazing growth of greenery that suddenly grows. You can see the trees soaking up the precious water, the birds coming from a far to bathe and eat; a place where the animals finally have somewhere to drink, swim and play. The magnificent beauty of the sun rising and setting in the outback, which is so different to the coastal areas of Australia, is outstanding. Ann’s photography captures every moment as if you are actually there and tells a beautiful story of life in the Outback.” – Jeanette Maguire

 More about the Artist – Ann Britton

thP81FJBIFShe has lived with her husband, Rick, since 1987 on the family property “Goodwood” near Boulia, 360kms west of Winton and 300km south of Mount Isa. They have 2 grown children Thomas and Claire.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the amazing colours of the country and the skies as I see them with my own eyes in their natural glory. I don’t use any coloured filters or digital programmes and cropping is minimal. I see true beauty in my landscape whether it is in “droughts or flooding rains” (Dorothea McKellar – “My Country”)

She exhibited photographs in the “In the Neighbourhood” exhibition held at the Outback Regional Gallery Winton in 1999. Also in the Outback Regional Gallery together with Carol Anderson, Radha Blacket, Suzanne Hand and Karen Robinson held an exhibition “Visions of the Heart of Outback Women” in 2003. This exhibition also hung in Boulia Min Min Encounter, Julia Creek Jan Eckford Memorial Hall and Mount Isa Civic Centre and Outback @ Isa. In 2006 at the Outback Regional Gallery as well as the Jan Eckford Memorial Hall Ann held her solo exhibition called “Home.” 2009 one of my photos was awarded runner up in the Q150 Capture Queensland Competition in the My Queensland category and four others short listed. “View Outback Queensland via My Lens” was hung in the Cardinia Cultural Centre Pakenham Melbourne Victoria from March to June 2017.

Ann’s prints are available for purchase at Queensland Multicultural Centre and on

Event Snapshot

Dates: Friday 1 September - Sunday 15 October
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tickets: Free Admission
Address: Queensland Multicultural Centre 102 Main Street Kangaroo Point QLD 4169
Artist website: