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Reel Connections: At the End of 8th Street

Reel Connections: At the End of 8th Street

‘At the End of 8th Street’ tells the story of a family exposed to a deep trouble when they battle against time to save a family member’s life.  Presented by BEMAC in partnership with the Iranian Film Festival Australia 

Niloofar (Taraneh Alidoosti) along with his fiance Bahram  (Saber Abar) do everything in their power to borrow $100,000 dollars to stop execution of her brother, Saeed. They only have $30,000 and the time is running out. Mousa (Hamed Behdad) who is Saeed’s brother who had quit fighting decides to do his last flight to raise some money. On the other hand, in the final days to raise money, Niloofar goes out of her way and does something that she never thought she would do. A series of actions causes the story to unfold different to what they expected.

Director: Ali Reza Amini
Classification 18+ Contains mild coarse language, implied sexual references and some violence


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IFFA 2013

The Iranian Film Festival is coming to Brisbane from 10-13 October

Event Snapshot

Dates: Thursday 18 July
Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Duration: 90 min
Tickets: $5.00 Donation at the door
Address: 102 Main St Kangaroo Point
Artist website: