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Join us for this FREE concert featuring performances by three of the country’s finest established First Nations artists along with some emerging musicians.

THRIVE The Concert is the live performance climax of a 2-day workshop presented by BEMAC as part of our EMERGE Series and is 100% free.

See The Medics frontman Kahl Wallis and two of this year’s Queensland Music Award (QMA) winners Sue Ray and Emily Wurramara live at the Queensland Multicultural Centre (QMA) in Kangaroo Point on Friday, June 15, when they perform with the EMERGE THRIVE participants they have mentored and guided through the art of singing, songwriting and live performance.

THRIVE is the first 2018 project of BEMAC’s EMERGE Series, which was launched in 2017. EMERGE provides opportunities for skill-building in various aspects of the music industry, and tees up established artists with contemporary and emerging musicians to share networks, gain skills and confidence in performance and song-writing, and connect with like-minded performers and arts workers.

THRIVE sees established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, Emily WurramaraSue Ray and Kahl Wallis, work with young singer-songwriters to cover areas like; gaining confidence in performing to a large crowd, stagemanship, creating new work, understanding the music industry and navigating it as a First Nations artist.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Friday 15 June
Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Tickets: FREE
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point