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BEMAC ILLUMINATE presents Mikhail Koninin “Bus Route #64”

BEMAC ILLUMINATE presents Mikhail Koninin “Bus Route #64”

“Bus Route #64” features photographs of the city of Novosibirsk, along the route of city bus #64.

ПавелNovosibirsk is the third-most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg and it is the most populous city in Asian Russia. Novosibirsk is an important transport hub on the way from Asia to Europe. It is located at the intersection of the Ob River – which is one of the largest rivers in the world – and the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Artist Mikhail Koninin said while Novosibirsk is a not very interesting city for tourists, many of them visit it on the way to Altai Mountains or Baikal. Novosibirsk has its own attractions that are often shown to tourists such as a chapel marking the “Centre of Russia”, the largest in Russia Opera and Ballet Theatre, Novosibirsk Zoo. However, bus #64 goes past them, and people who ride it do not see them.

“I see this bus route as an axis for my project, allowing me to create a structure for representing what a contemporary Siberian city is,” Mr Koninin said.

“Bus route #64 is one of the longest in the city. It goes from one end of Novosibirsk to another: through suburbs, through industrial and residential areas, through the city centre, to other residential areas on the other side of the city.”

“In this project, I am trying to imagine how people who are living here see the city. They every day go through the courtyards to the bus stops, ride along the streets of the city and find themselves in other parts of the city, which are both alike and not alike to each other. In contrast to tourists visiting Novosibirsk, people who live here do not look at city attractions every day. I tried to show the contemporary Siberian city as it looks now, with all its ordinary to local residents’ simple beauties and problems. Novosibirsk, besides the characteristically Siberian problems: severe winters with cold and snow, has problems common to many cities in the world: safety, ecology and bad infrastructure, whose growth lags behind the growth of the city.”

Mikhail Koninin was born in 1981 in Novosibirsk. He graduated from New York Institute of Photography in 2012 and has been photographing for a decade.

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Dates: Tuesday 14 August - Sunday 30 September
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point