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BEMAC presents: TRACES by Jennifer Stuerzl

BEMAC presents: TRACES by Jennifer Stuerzl

The experimental works in this exhibition are examples of Jennifer’s contemporary approach to creating her paintings, artist’s books and works on paper.

As Jennifer works en plein air and moves through the landscape she records images of nature in her marks. Water flow patterns are captured with earth residue on paper and canvas submerged in waterways then mediated through print processes such as etching. Plants and minerals are incorporated into some artwork accumulated on surfaces or imprinted.

Through these processes of accumulated materials and memories the artwork contains deep time – the present time of its making, geological time of rocks and minerals.  Cyclical return is evoked through ebb and flow of mud and water patterns, growth and decay suggesting the finite destiny of some species. Traces of journaling in the works signify travel through time and connection with the earth.

Jennifer’s art gives expression to the interconnected nature of life. By physically working outdoors and through the interweaving of elements such as mud, water, earth residue and symbolic imagery her work evokes the human encounter with place and the natural processes over time; seeking to give voice to the struggle we experience in contemporary times in maintaining connection with the natural world.

About the Artist

Jennifer Stuerzl is a visual artist of Austrian and Australian Heritage. She has experience across a range of media from oil & acrylic painting, water colour painting, printmaking, drawing, collage and artists books. Jennifer holds a Masters of Philosophy in Visual Arts from Griffith University.

Jennifer works from her studio in Brisbane and at various workshops as well as curating exhibitions.

For information about the artist and the exhibit please enquire at BEMAC on level 1 or contact Jennifer on 0407111517

Event Snapshot

Dates: Wednesday 5 October - Monday 31 October
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tickets: FREE
Address: Queensland Multicultural Centre, 102 Main St Kangaroo Point