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Reel Connections presents: BOMB IT 1 & 2

Reel Connections presents: BOMB IT 1 & 2

BOMB IT  is the explosive new documentary from award-winning director Jon Reiss investigating the most subversive and controversial art form currently shaping international youth culture: graffiti.


Through interviews and guerilla footage of graffiti writers in action on 5 continents, Bomb It  tells the story of graffiti from its origins in prehistoric cave paintings through its notorious explosion in New York City during the 70′s and 80′s, then follows the flames as they paint the globe. Featuring old school legends and current favorites such as Taki 183, Cornbread, Stay High 149, T-Kid, Cope 2, Zephyr, Revs, Os Gemeos, KET, Chino, Shepard Fairey, Revok, and Mear One. This cutting edge documentary tracks down today’s most innovative and pervasive street artists as they battle for control over the urban visual landscape. You’ll never look at public space the same way again.


In the follow-up to the explosive global graffiti documentary “Bomb It,” director Jon Reiss takes audiences to previously unexplored areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia on a hunt for innovative street art and artists. Bomb It 2 explores the indigenous street art scenes in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Perth, Melbourne, Copenhagen, Chicago, Austin and the Palestinian refugee camps on the West Bank. Using an ultra compact camera and sound package, Reiss travelled by himself to film artists and writers representing a wide range of cultures, styles and beliefs.

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Dates: Tuesday 26 November
Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Duration: 2.5 hrs
Tickets: General Admission p/session $5.00 Combo $8.00
Address: 102 Main St Kangaroo Point.
Artist website:
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