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BEMAC presents Reel Connections: Colourfest

BEMAC presents Reel Connections: Colourfest

Colourfest showcases the best of migrant and diaspora stories from Australia and beyond. Australian Stories 2015 Edition is Colourfest’s third short films collection celebrating Australia’s diverse and unique identity.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session.

Naked Lady – A young Turkish woman pressured by her family to marry her boyfriend, decides to call off the marriage, which leads to tension in her family home.

Director: Cigdem Serce

Duration: 12 minutes

TET – A short animated film that captures a childhood memory of the director’s family, at a time when the troubles of the Vietnamese war was forgotten and an unfamiliar place in South West Sydney contained hopes for a new generation.

Director: James Tran

Duration: 4 minutes

 Wonder Boy – It’s Chinese New Year, which usually means dancing lions, dragons and red firecrackers, but 10-year-old Clancy is tired of Chinese Saturday School, and wants to impress the cool kids at his primary school.

Director: Corrie Chen

Duration: 10 minutes

 You Know What? I Love You – Ninety-four year old Giannoula spends an afternoon with her granddaughter Natalie, Their conversation is a journey through memories both fond and sad; from the cheekiness of childhood mischief to the heartbreak of losing the ones we love.

Director: Natalie Cunningham

Duration: 10 minutes

I Am Emmanuel – Emmanuel is a young Sudanese Australian growing up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. He is determined not to let his traumatic past as a refugee and a citizen of a war torn country define his future. He discovers a new way to express his pain and joy when unexpected news arrives.

Director: Genevieve Clay-Smith

Duration: 20 minutes


Event Snapshot

Dates: Thursday 16 April
Time: 7:30pm to 8:45pm
Duration: 1'15''
Tickets: Full $10 Conc +Friends of BEMAC $8
Address: Queensland Multicultural Centre 102 Main St.
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