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BEMAC Presents: “The Roots” Exhibition

BEMAC Presents: “The Roots” Exhibition

Mana Salsali is a Brisbane-Based Photographer who left behind a 12 year career in engineering to follow her passion of photography. She was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to Australia in 2009.

Mana has a strong interest in the subject of immigration and how it affects people’s perspective of life and way of thinking.  She explores how immigration creates new values and forms new identities.

In this series of work, Mana photographs Australian born babies of Iranian heritage and places them in the background layers of traditional Persian rugs and fabrics in different colors and designs. The background layers links them to their roots. This new generation of immigrants inherit these roots, culture and traditions, however they probably won’t have the same understanding and experience of it as their parents.

This new generation will start and experience life in a modern, new and different place, build morals and values based on their current home however they might never be able to speak or write in their mother language, or read the poems and literature of where their roots come from.

This experience has the bitterness of alienation from their roots as well as the beauty of giving birth to an identity that connects the cultures and redefines itself.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Wednesday 5 October - Friday 11 November
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Tickets: FREE
Address: 102 Main St Kangaroo Point
Artist website: