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BEMAC is bringing two-time Queensland Music Award winners MZAZA, and Melbourne’s gypsy folk trio Vardos, together for a World Music Café spiced with furious dancing, electrifying performances and the mesmerising music of Eastern Europe.

With their impressive musicianship, energetic live performances and phenomenal flair for reinventing musical traditions, both bands have firmly established themselves as leaders in Australia’s World Music scene, not only domestically but internationally as well.

And on Friday, 4 August, Brisbane audiences will have the rare privilege to be serenaded by both bands on one night under the Story Bridge.


With a fascination for making something new from the old, MZAZA’s writers and musicians flamboyantly craft their own set of traditions from a tapestry of richly woven influences born in France, the Balkans, the Middle East and Sephardic Spain.

Driven by her French and Spanish Sephardic roots, front woman Pauline Maudy sings in French, Spanish, Ladino, English and Turkish. She is an enchanting stage leader who delivers powerful and inspired performances to mesmerising musicianship deftly realised with accordion, violin, percussion, double bass and flamenco guitar.

This is a band of friends, who have found each other at the end of the world to make music that blurs geographical, temporal and musical boundaries. It is this boundlessness of the music, coupled with their direct and celebratory connection with audiences around the globe that fuels an intense live show, and unforgettable musical journey.


Driven by Alana Hunt’s wild violin, chased by accordion and double bass, Vardos play gypsy and traditional music learnt from Roma (Gypsy) musicians during their travels in Eastern Europe. They have been serenading audiences around the world since late last century.

Vardos have toured to every state in Australia, and delivered electrifying live performances at festivals that include the National, Port Fairy, Illawarra, Cobargo and Fairbridge Folk Festivals, the Queenscliff Music Festival, Alice Desert Festival, Dark MoFo Festival in Hobart and the Melbourne Festival where they launched the CD ‘Entertaining Countess Dracula’ to a sell-out crowd at the Famous Spiegeltent.

The two most recent Vardos CD’s have been finalists for the Golden Fiddle Awards.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Friday 4 August
Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm
Tickets: 20-25
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