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BEMAC presents Yatra: Holi Sandhya

BEMAC presents Yatra: Holi Sandhya


As part of the 2019 BrisAsia Festival, BEMAC presents Holi Sandhya, a concert featuring Yatra and friends.

Holi Sandhya commemorates the Indian festival of Holi at twilight (Sandhya) in celebration of the victory of “good over evil”. Yatra brings together the passion and energy of various artists to produce dance and music that engages the heart and mind.

At Holi Sandhya Yatra will take you through a snippet of the ‘journey of the world’ since the beginning of time, depicting stories across various time periods with music and dance, which celebrate diversity and multiculturalism in recognition of the migration that has happened across the globe, forever in time. From classical to contemporary dance and music, Holi Sandhya promises to be a spectacular evening of Rang (colour), Raag (melody) and Ras (emotions).

Event Snapshot

Dates: Friday 22 February
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Tickets: Free
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point