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Colourfest is Australia’s Multicultural Film Festival focusing exclusively on culturally diverse Australian stories.

Portrayal of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Australians on screen is either limited or skewed towards negative representations; Colourfest challenges such negative representations, and showcases a more authentic and inclusive image of Australians as a nation of diverse faces.

In 2013 Colourfest takes a big leap by aligning itself with Harmony Day, showcasing the best multicultural cinema in a number of local government areas across Australia.

Happy Country (2008)

A pregnant Chinese woman and her over-conflicted Chinese husband set off for Sydney by car and discover distance is not confined to the landscape.

Director: Corrie Chen     Duration: 14 minutes

Nonna Maria (2009)

A cable company suspects Nonna Maria of connection theft, resulting in a confusing exchange of culture and generation.

Director: Anthony Guilbert     Duration: 7 minutes

Mohammad (2009)

Mohammad is the story of a young Iraqi boy learning Parkour in Western Sydney. He becomes increasingly skilled at the new artform and we find out what his family and friends think of his passion and knack for movement. His name is Mohammad Al-Mayahi.

Director: Ali Kadhim     Duration: 7 minutes

 Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Event Snapshot

Dates: Thursday 21 March
Tickets: Free