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Conversations with South Sea Islanders: a part of Australian history

Conversations with South Sea Islanders: a part of Australian history

BEMAC ILLUMINATE presents Conversations with South Sea Islanders: part of Australian history. A body of work by Janet Ambrose.

Exhibition viewing hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm daily | FREE entry

About the exhibition:

South Sea Islanders are part of the Australian cultural landscape.

Conversations are treasured memories of complex oral histories, passed down through generations.

South Sea Islanders were brought to Queensland between 1863 to 1904 against their will. History has been written to suggest this was Australia’s slave trade.

The physical removal of the South Sea Islander doesn’t take away the person from place. Like the mangrove plant, with roots and memory, sets down in new places, new perspectives and adaption to their new home, showing strong resilience in their new environment.

For some, conversations continue within families and friends, and for others, forgotten in time with the assimilation to the western way of life.

These conversations explore the human face of the South Sea Islander community, the removal from their homelands and life in a new land and, of adaptation.

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About the artist:

Janet was born in South Australia whose parents were English – Jewish migrants who encouraged a multi-cultural life in their new home, Australia.

Influenced by tutors, Adelaide’s Jam Factory potter, Bruce Sellick at the Stanley Street School of Art who encouraged her distinct drawing style, and later by Landscape and Portrait artists, Terry and Lorraine Lewitzka with Janet’s unique way of looking at her subjects.

Janet works between mediums and materials, not afraid to experiment, keeping her work fresh and alive with movement and emotion. She mostly enjoys working in charcoal and oil paint.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Wednesday 1 May - Sunday 30 June
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point