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Bata Introductory Workshop – Cuban drums

Bata Introductory Workshop – Cuban drums

The music of the batá drums has been called the ‘classical music’ of Afro-Cuban drumming styles. Its rich tradition spans centuries, from its origins in the music of the Yoruba people of West Africa, to its re-invention by Yoruba slaves in Cuba, and on to its current position as an emblem of Afro-Cuban cultural heritage.

If you’re a musician, or just want to learn more about Cuban drumming and culture, come along, and unlock the mysteries and power of batá drumming!

Workshop Structure:

– Introduction to the batá. The three batá used in the ensemble will be introduced; the okónkolo, itótele and iyá. A brief description of the drums and how they are played will follow

– Historical background. The history of batá drumming in Cuba will be explained. This history will examine the role of the batá in traditional religious performance, and its adoption and performance today by secular ensembles

– Batá rhythms. There is an extensive repertoire of rhythms that batá players are expected to memorise. But while there are literally hundreds of rhythms that are performed, We’ll focus on some key concepts and rhythms that are common to many of the songs.

Facilitator Kent Windress is a professional musician and educator with over 15 years experience teaching percussion and drum kit. After completing his Bachelor of Music (Drum Set Performance), his passion for Cuban rhythms and percussion led him to travel to that country 4 times in order to learn from the masters of that tradition.


Event Snapshot

Dates: Sunday 13 October
Time: 11:00am to 12:30pm
Duration: 1.5 hrs
Tickets: Full $20 Concession / BEMAC members $15
Address: 102 Main St Kangaroo Point
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