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The Glass Cabinet Exhibition Space – Hiroaki Eba

The Glass Cabinet Exhibition Space – Hiroaki Eba

Ceramic Vases for Tiny Flowers by Hiroaki Eba

Hiroaki Eba is a Japanese-born florist and ceramicist.  Recently, he has been experimenting with the creation of unique ceramic vases designed to complement his floral art. He is now concentrating on small ceramic vases for tiny flowers. These tiny flowers cannot normally be found in a flower shop. Rather, they can be found in the field, along with leaves, twigs and vines, giving more connection to nature and everyday life, and allowing you to create your own universe in a single flower.

About the Artist

Hiroaki Eba was born in Mito, Japan and moved to Australia 16 years ago.  He has 38 years of experience in floristry in Tokyo, Kyoto, Mito and Australia.

For Eba, the centre of his all artwork is the flower. He creates unique floral designs and art pieces that appreciate the beauty of nature, which can lighten up our daily lives with natural organic elements. He has always appreciated the Japanese perspective of aesthetics: the concept of beauty in incompleteness and omission, where the empty space gives your imagination the opportunity to fill in what is not shown. There is unity of beauty and function of form. This perspective is reflected in his work more now than before.

Nine years ago he opened his own flower and art gallery – HANASHO, in West End, where he exhibits and sells his own floral designs and art, as well as local artists’ work. These artists have influenced and inspired Eba, while at the same time there is a mutual support for each other.

Eba has had numerous art and floral art exhibitions both in Japan and Australia.

Through his journey with flowers throughout his life, he continues to seek the true aesthetic of nature.

*The Glass Cabinet exhibition space is curated by Kay Watanabe and John Pryke

Event Snapshot

Dates: Tuesday 1 November - Friday 2 December
Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Tickets: Free Event
Address: Ground Floor, 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
Artist website: