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The Glass Cabinet Exhibition Space – Karen Kaese

The Glass Cabinet Exhibition Space – Karen Kaese

Brisbane-based artist Karen Kaese was born in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. Her family is from the remote province of Manus Island and Guam near the Phillipine Sea.
As an artist, Karen is interested in investigating the peripheries between dream, fantasy and memory and how this interacts with our conscious experience and the inherent conflict between illusion and reality, ethereal experience and permanence. She works on paper, with a predominant focus on printmaking with linocuts, etchings and screen prints that examine consciousness, myths and the spaces between. Collage has also featured in a process of ongoing exploration of her identity; focused on the themes of gender, ethnicity, the importance of place that informs prints in her practice.
The Sprouts exhibition has been deeply influenced by her childhood and cultural heritage.
“The art practice has a lot of emphasis on identity and a culture that is raw, and disappearing,” she said.
“Inspiration springs from memory, of an adventurous childhood of exploration and travel between the islands,  as well as the identity and culture that is relayed to me through family stories.”
The delicate, beautiful works that make up this exhibition were inspired by the reef around the islands she grew up in, but they also examine the idea that we’re constantly living with ghosts – an ideology that is part of the  New Guinean culture.
Utilising physical mark making along with the layering process of printmaking as well as strong line and pattern, she works predominantly with linocuts and etching to interpret a landscape that
floats with strange encounters.
Karen holds a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in printmaking with Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and is a qualified secondary art teacher and has been a tutor
as well as workshop and membership co-coordinator for Impress Printmakers Studio (the only open access studio) in Brisbane Australia. Her work has been exhibited nationally and abroad.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Monday 5 December - Friday 13 January
Tickets: Free
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
Artist website: