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Global Sanctuary presents “Generations” a Forum Theatre piece

Global Sanctuary presents “Generations” a Forum Theatre piece

BEMAC and Global Sanctuary invites you to come be part of the conversation around inter-generational conflict and the challenges experienced within local immigrant African communities through “Generations”.


“Generations” is a Forum Theatre play written and devised by the creative team and cast of the Linking Generations project. Traversing themes of language, inter-generational conflict, career pathways, acculturation stress, cultural traditions and adaptation, mental health, domestic violence, belonging, identity and sexual health, it explores the various lived realities of youth and adults within the African community and the challenges they face when attempting to relate to one another.

We invite you to come and join the conversations, participate in an interactive performance and help find better solutions for inter-generational dialogue at one of 2 FREE public performances taking place at Queensland Multicultural Centre (QMC) on Saturday, November 3. REGISTER HERE.


This important work aims to help migrant and refugee communities in South-East Queensland, define cultural principals, increase awareness and harmonise the differences between the emerging culture of the youth and the traditional cultural values of the elderly.

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Written and directed by emerging Applied Theatre Facilitator in Brisbane, Grace Edward, the Generations project commenced on January 21 with the first of 6 community consultation workshops.

“The consultations were aimed to help start the dialogue about how acculturation affects South Sudanese cultural traditions, beliefs and values,” Ms Edward said.

“Through the various consultations, which engaged different groups within the South Sudanese community I also sought to capture the lived experiences and identify the key causes of inter-generational conflict.”

Grace Edward is a former South Sudanese refugee, who arrived in Australia at the age of 8 after spending 4 years in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. “I feel in love with the performing arts after performing in my first play in the kindergarten in the camp,” she said.

“I am constantly inspired to ‘Show up, Speak up, and Stand up’ for issues that I am passionate about, issues that affect others and issues that affect myself.”

Ms Edward said as a third culture child, she has always struggled with issues of belonging and identity.

Full cast

“The conceptualisation of this project began as an outlet for me to let out the frustrations of feeling like I do not fit in any of the cultural landscapes that have all had an impact on my life – from the moment I was born in South Sudan, all throughout my refugee journey, to my arrival to Australia and commencement of my resettlement journey here,” she said.

“After becoming a youth advocate with the MyQ youth Council, run by Access Community Services and talking to other young people in Queensland and interstate through my role as Youth Advocacy Ambassador with Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN), I realised that I wasn’t the only one experiencing these issues. Hence, the birth of the Linking Generations Project/ Generations Play.”

“Generations” has been supported with assisted funding from Brisbane City Council, BEMAC, Access Community Services and practice-based mentoring and dramaturgical support from Deanna Borland-Sentinella and Backbone Youth Arts Open Source Go residency program.


Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is a technique that marries powerful story telling with an in-depth facilitated discussion that gives communities the opportunity to identify solutions on their own for issues that are unique to them.


Forum Theatre is a format created by the revolutionary Brazilian, theatre and cultural activist, Augusto Boal. The forum theatre format usually begins with a play that depicts a problem or symptom of oppression, in an unsolved form, ending unfavourably for the main character (s) and victim (s) of the oppression.

The play begins a second time, only this time the audience can intervene and bring the play to a better ending with the assistance of a facilitator (s) or ‘joker’, who teaches the audience the rules of intervening in the performance.

With Forum Theatre audiences can tailor the project to suit the community and specific issues they are experiencing.


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Cast & Characters

John Ladu – Stanley Luate-Wani

James Ladu – Butrus Haider

Flora Ladu – Mariama Andrews

Joseph Kon – Jal Gogouk

Susan Kon – Hawa Sheriff

Samuel Kon – Kenyi Luate-Wani

Sara Kon – Mariam sheriff

Neil – Ritwik Agr

Lucy – Linda Kakia



Event Snapshot

Dates: Saturday 3 November
Time: 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Tickets: Free, registration through Eventbrite
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
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