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Himalayan Film Festival 2015

Himalayan Film Festival 2015

Once again, the Queensland Multicultural Centre is home to the Himalayan Film Festival in Brisbane.

Session 1 – 01:40pm SOLD OUT

A Surfer’s Legacy (20 mins)

An Australian surfer uses recycled prosthetic limbs to change the lives of the poor in India. A girl born into childslavery with one arm and one leg finds her life changed forever when surfer and prosthetist Pete Farrand and a team of Australian ‘Friends of India’ gift her with a prosthetic limb. Pete makes Chandni and other Indians a ‘new’ leg using recycled parts from his workshop, assisted by a small team of filmmakers and social workers.

Session 2:30 – 3:30pm. 2 shorts on Tibet (40 mins) SOLD OUT

From Nomad to Nobody (15 mins) 

Michael Buckley presents his personal take on the plight of Tibetan nomads who have been forcibly relocated from their traditional grazing lands into concrete ghettos, where they are marginalised, unemployed and dependent on Chinese government hand-outs. The film highlights the despair of the nomadic people of Tibet who are being denied the right to practice their ancient traditional way of life as stewards of the Tibetan plateau’s vast grasslands.

Plundering Tibet (24 mins) 

Michael Buckley explores the dire consequences of China’s exploitation of Tibet’s natural resources. The drasticimpact on the environment may go far beyond Tibet’s borders, polluting rivers running downstream to ten Asian nations –including India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. The documentary uses undercover footage and still photography shot on location in Tibet — including smuggled cellphone footage of an anti-mining protest.

Session 3 – 06:30pm. Double screening (45 mins) + Dinner.  SOLD OUT

A fabulous Himalayan feast will be served during this double screening session.

The Road (30 mins)

Cut off from the outside world, the majestic kingdom of Upper Mustang, Nepal is like a time capsule of how Tibet was before China invaded. Now a road is being built to the capital of Lo Manthang, opening trade but fueling fears that it will further endanger a colourful, enduring culture under threat. Globally renowned musician Tenzin Choegyal travels to Mustang via this route to fulfil his lifelong dream of seeing his homeland once again. This is eye-watering edition of Foreign Correspondent is a moving document of one man’s mission to rediscover his roots.

Butter Lamp (15 mins)

Nominated for an Academy Award, Butter Lamp is an unconventional cinematic statement by Chinese photographer Hu Wei. Shot in a single location with a cast of non-professional actors, the film captures a fictional moment in time in the fast-changing lives of a real Tibetan community. Nameless people from all walks of life take advantage of the rare opportunity to get their picture taken against an array of backgrounds ranging from holy sites to modern city streets.


Event Snapshot

Dates: Saturday 29 August
Time: 1:40pm to 7:30pm
Tickets: Sessions 1,2 $10 SOLD OUT Session 3 & Dinner $25 SOLD OUT Package $35 SOLD OUT
Address: 102 Main St Kangaroo Point.
Artist website:
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