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BEMAC presents Jazz Lounge: Ewan MacKenzie & Swing Dynamique

BEMAC presents Jazz Lounge: Ewan MacKenzie & Swing Dynamique

From the Parisian music scene of the mid-twentieth century, when Django Reinhardt and Stefan Grappelli forged an exciting new style of music that became known as Jazz Manouche – come Swing Dynamique.

Featuring the interplay of guitarist Ewan MacKenzie, violinist Jan Van Dijk and clarinetist Dan Cosgrove in a dynamic display of virtuosity, Swing Dynamique firmly anchor themselves in the Jazz Manouche genre.

Inspired by Reinhardt and Grapelli, they have crafted a repertoire of intricate and exciting self-penned tunes interspersed with classics of the genre. They are joined by Miranda Deutsch on guitar and Rick Caskey double bass.

There will be food available on the night.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Saturday 7 November
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Duration: 2 hrs
Tickets: Full $20 Conc + Friends of BEMAC $15
Address: 102 Main St Kangaroo Point.
Artist website:
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