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Pop-Up Exhibition by Fireworks Gallery in celebration of NAIDOC Week 2017

Pop-Up Exhibition by Fireworks Gallery in celebration of NAIDOC Week 2017

To celebrate BEMAC’s special NAIDOC Week World Music Cafe with Sue Ray and Robbie Miller, the Queensland Multicultural Centre foyer and Glass Cabinet Exhibition Space has a fantastic collection of First Nation artists work including sculptures and paintings. The pop up exhibition is presented by Fireworks Gallery, known for exhibiting and promoting artworks by some of Australia’s best contemporary artists.

IMG_6141“Book river light” by Joanne Currie Nalingu

Joanne Nalingu has a highly charged, individual style, that although instantly recognisable as Aboriginal, speaks of her journey as an artist moving between cultures.IMG_6139

Palm Cockatoos by Ian Waldron

Through his art practice, Ian Waldron pays tribute to the story of the Kurtjar people in his homeland of the Gulf of Carpentaria. The Black Cockatoo is the artists’ totem.


“Aboriginal Housing VII 2017” by Rosella Namok 

Rosella Namok first appeared on the contemporary art scene in the late 1990s. Her paintings revolve around several narratives relating to social, physical and natural environment. Her more recent series references her geometric patterning as a form of Urban development in Aboriginal communities. The expansion of housing and infrastructure as an inevitable force of nature and change within her own visual language.

IMG_6103“Mt Singleton site II 2012” by Michael Nelson Jagamara

Much of Michael Jagamara’s work centres on the country in the Mt Singleton area and tells of traditional Dreaming stories, including Possum, Kangaroo, Emu and Lightning.

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Dates: Saturday 1 July - Sunday 9 July