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Reel Connections: A film night with the Alliance Française

Reel Connections: A film night with the Alliance Française

Reel Connections is a monthly international film series showcasing independent and powerful cinematographic works from around the world. On this ocassion, the Alliance Française Brisbane brings to us a duet of award-winning documentaries for a delightful cultural evening. 

‘La Traversee’  is a documentary that portrays the journey of Algerians immigrants in France. Every summer, countless people cross the sea between France and Algeria, mainly between Marseille and Algiers. At sea, it’s no longer France but not yet Algeria. And vice-versa. In this place between two shores and between two countries, dialogue gushes forth. In the odd, confined space of a boat, “La traverse” sets the stage for a group of men and women to talk about their experience.

‘Jean-Marie G. Le Clézio’ is biographical portrait offering the viewer glimpses into Le Clézio’s world, a renowned French writer who was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature. Starting with the success of a young man of twenty-three with Le Procès-verbal (The Interrogation), Prix Renaudot 1963, this docuemntary offers the viewer glimpses into Le Clézio’s world, through his poetical accounts, travels and explorations of primitive societies. Intelligently and simply, he describes his discovery of the Indians and of Mexico, where he has found a place to meditate and write. This sober portrait is made up a series of interviews, films in his hometown of Nice and in Mexico, and extracts of his works ready by Dominique Blanc and Stéphane Freiss.


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Event Snapshot

Dates: Thursday 15 August
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Duration: 2 hrs
Tickets: $5.00
Address: 102 Main St. kangaroo Point.
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