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Tapa Exhibition

Tapa Exhibition

Tapa is the generic name for beaten bark cloth mainly from the inner bark or bast of the paper mulberry tree produced and painted in 7 Pacific nations.

All the Papua New Guinea tapa in this exhibition was collected by Joan Winter, Baboa Gallery in 2012 &2014. It comes from the Maisin people of Collingwood Bay PNG, who number about 1600. All except one are made by women, young and old. Most Maisin families have female tapa producers. Men have always helped their female family members beat the raw bast. Now there are also about 8 younger men making and designing tapa. Their designs are more noticeably non traditional. Due to the lack of any other money making possibilities, this change from tradition is accepted graciously.

Despite the international renown of Collingwood Bay or Uiaku tapa, there are no formal mechanisms for selling tapa in PNG. When collectors and traders like Joan visit they must find sea transport to remote Collingwood Bay.  Joan is helping to set up Maisin Tapa Artists to help sell their tapa internationally.

There are 18 tapa in this exhibition all for sale. Tapa is durable and may be ironed.

The exhibition is sponsored by MAISIN Tapa Artists, Oro, PNG In association with BEMAC, Baboa Gallery, Inaugural Brisbane Pasifika Film Festival and Pasifika Women’s Alliance Day.

Please contact Joan Winter at Baboa Gallery for sales and further information  0421 108 747

Event Snapshot

Dates: Monday 1 September - Monday 27 October
Address: Queensland Multicultural Centre 102 Main St Kangaroo Point