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“Unification of Diversity” a visual arts exhibition by Myungsook Lee

“Unification of Diversity” a visual arts exhibition by Myungsook Lee

Myungsook Lee was born in Daegu, South Korea and raised with Korean traditional culture.


An interest and appreciation of art from early childhood, led Myungsook to a unique and feverish research of the marriage between art and philosophy, which is the fundamental base of her work.


She majored in western art, but also explored eastern traditions, especially Korean style. This fusion of influences is expressed brilliantly in her work, which Myungsook says reveals the entire frame of her life. It is the oriental aspects within her expression of western art, and the Korean traditions and emotions hiding in the works, which are the most interesting characteristics of her art.

“The philosophy of my works has been accompanied with my life and I have sublimated the idea into the art. It is a means whereby I express and perceive myself,” Myungsook Lee says.

“One day, I encountered a tree on the street and the experience made me face the turning point of my art life. Even though I agreed that all people encounter some curves in their life, I felt my life had not been always easy. Whenever I chose a ‘different way’, compared to other people, it would seriously preoccupy me. One day, however, I encountered a tree that stood out so powerfully to me, and I asked one question “Why do you live with that shape?” which made me realise a valuable truth – We all have our own characteristics and we all have the right to stand firmly in front of our society without any shame.”

“You and I are just trees”. 4

She has held eight solo exhibitions and taken part in numerous group projects in South Korea and other Asian countries. She has received a number of awards for art, including a prestigious award from the deputy Prime Minister of South Korea. She also runs a private fine art academy, and volunteers as an arts therapist at senior centres and special schools catering to disabled students.

With “Unification of Diversity” Myungsook Lee is expressing the beauty of diversity, on an individual and collective level.

The exhibition will be on display at Queensland Multicultural Centre daily from 13 November to 30 November.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Monday 13 November - Thursday 30 November
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Address: 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point