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Reel Connections Film Festival – Walking Under Water

Reel Connections Film Festival – Walking Under Water

Presented by BEMAC, G20 Reel Connections Film Festival showcases a collection of topical films from selected participating G20 nations with nine evenings of world cinema in the three weeks leading up to the Leader’s Summit.


Badjao always survived from fishing, but now they cannot compete with big fishing vessels so to fish more effectively, they use the most dangerous methods as compressor diving.

A compressor diver dives down to 30 meters, only with a rubber pipe in his mouth and Oxygen provided from a boat above, supported by usually poorly working engine. Unaware of decompression sickness they believe that pain is caused by evil spirits who, if offended, can harm or make them die.

This is a story about a 10 year old boy Sari who wants to learn how to be a compressor diver. Through this personal story we present the dramatically changing landscape of the paradise islands and its people in Borneo.

Festivals/Awards: HotDocs Film Festival (Special Jury Award) , LA Film Fest

Director: Eliza Kubarska

Producer: Monika Braid

Proudly supported by the Queensland Government as part of the G20 Cultural Celebrations.

Event Snapshot

Dates: Tuesday 4 November
Time: 7:00pm to 8:20pm
Duration: 76 min
Tickets: free event
Address: Queensland Multicultural Centre, 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
Artist website: