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WEFF Culturally Diverse Showcase

WEFF Culturally Diverse Showcase

In the lead up to this year’s West End Film Festival WEFF you are invited to attend to the screening of a selection of courageous, culturally diverse, outstanding films from previous WEFF’s. 

This special event at the Queensland Multicultural Centre will showcase short-films that address culturally diverse themes ranging from Muslim Australian Aborigines to Afghan refugee martial arts actors. Tickets are FREE and the screening will be followed by a Q & A session with the filmmakers involved in these captivating films.

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The Art of Fighting 
Producer: Alex Barnes
Director: Gavain Browne
Duration: 11 mins

In 1999 Hussain Sadiqi fled an epic 20 000 km journey as a refugee from Afghanistan to Australia. Now Hussain is giving up his life in Australia to pursue his dream of becoming a martial arts actor.

Brisbane Blacks 
Producer Alex Rozynski
Director Ben Carr
Duration 11 min

Despite what Dennis ‘Mop’ Conlon knew when writing the song Brisbane Blacks, he could not have anticipated it would go on to become an anthem and define a period in time. Looking back on the history of the band, but also the political and social climate of Brisbane in the 1970’s and 80’s, the film delves into why Aboriginal people needed a voice to stand up against a conservative and racist government.

War Paint
Producer: Sara Taghaode
Director: Heather Phillips
Duration: 11 mins

‘War Paint’ is a simple story, which asks its audience to explore much larger themes and world issues. A woman applies her make up while listening to ‘Just a thought’, her favourite morning radio program, but why is she putting on this make up? For men? For power? For herself? Shot as one continuous shot from extreme close up to wide, ‘War Paint’ is a visually stimulating film that is sure to get audiences thinking about the big issues.

Through Our Eyes
Producer: Lynn Chapman
Director: Semah Mokak
Duration: 12 min

This documentary looks at issues faced by Australians who are both Muslim and Aboriginal. Over the course of a very special meal we learn the history of 3 remarkable women.

Nia’s Melancholy 12.5 mins
Producer: Andrew Arbuthnot
Director: S. F. Tusa
Duration: 10 min

Nia’s Melancholy is the story of a young Yalanji girl, Nia, set in beautiful tropical North Queensland, Australia. After losing her sister, Nia finds solace retreating into the recesses of her mind. In mourning Nia escapes the confines of home life and finds herself drawn perilously into the rainforest. Losing herself in the seductive environment, Nia is found questioning her own existence. Nia’s Melancholy is an Indigenous girl’s spiritual journey and tale of redemption.



Event Snapshot

Dates: Thursday 18 April
Time: 7:00pm to
Duration: 1.5 hrs
Tickets: Free
Address: 102 Main St Kangaroo Point
Artist website: