An investigation into improvised music as a context for creative collaboration.

Improvisation provides a strong context in which to explore the permeability of culture and develop fluid collaborative exchanges while retaining cultural identities. This challenges the tightly controlled, narrowly conceived “diverse creative spaces” of the Australian arts sector.

The project will start with an initial series of eight improvisation sessions at 2-4pm on Sundays (see dates below), loosely led by BEMAC Producer Eyal Chipkiewicz and musician and scholar Anthony Garcia. Creative triggers, musical conversations and, most importantly, active listening will be at the core of the dynamics of the sessions.

Who is this series for?

Improvisessions is a platform for collaboration and to activate a network of artists by inviting them into a collaborative, community-building space.

The series has been designed and developed for artists from diverse backgrounds at any career stage, with a common desire to assert themselves artistically in Australia, secure recognition and opportunities for their work and engage in meaningful collaboration with other artists in the sector.

Through consultation and feedback, the group will collectively steer the project toward one or more possible outcomes including, but not limited to, open improvisation sessions, public performances, recordings, videos, podcasts, workshops, among others.

Although predominantly a musical project, artists in all disciplines (dancers, writers, animators, etc) are also welcome to attend and add other dimensions to the exploration.


You don’t need to commit to attending all sessions, but you would get the most out of the experience if you did!

Sessions are free and no fees will be paid for participation. Participants need to bring their own equipment.

Level 2
Queensland Multicultural Centre
102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
Produced by BEMAC with support from Arts Queensland

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We love music and art. We believe it has the power to transform lives and communities. It brings people together, dissolves barriers and teleports us into distant lands by leading us into the very soul of culture.