Galangoor djali.

My name is Janty (Janet) Blair. I am a Butchulla (connections to K’gari), Woppaburra, Mununjali woman through my mothers and Wakka Wakka , Cobble Cobble through my dad’s side.

I am a Saltwater girl through and through!

As you may already know, I was recently appointed to the role of Producer at BEMAC.

I was born in Meeanjin and travelled Australia extensively as a child giving me a love for travelling and exploring unfamiliar places. As a nurse/midwife and then project officer, I have also lived and worked in rural and remote communities across QLD, building long term friendships and partnerships.

In 2019 I decided to pursue a career in the creative Industries. I am currently enrolled in my third year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Just like QUT’s Indigenous Unit namesake. Oodgeroo Noonuccal, I love to share and create stories and I’ve recently started performing as a stand up comedian!

I believe working from a strengths-based framework and identifying what makes us strong, and what keeps us, ….as creative forces of nature, connected to one another ….is VITAL.

In 2022, I am excited for the possibilities for BEMAC and this community. Meeting you all face to face to collaborate and develop respectful, meaningful relationships is particularly important to me.

I officially commence Monday March 14th, 2022, and I will be working part time in the office Monday and Friday. A place where my door will be open for a cuppa and yarns. I look forward to collaborating and learning and understanding what is your vision for our vibrant artistic community.

Galangoor nyin.

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We love music and art. We believe it has the power to transform lives and communities. It brings people together, dissolves barriers and teleports us into distant lands by leading us into the very soul of culture.