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A Gathering of Celtic Culture

A Gathering of Celtic Culture

The Ipswich community will get to enjoy a wonderful celebration of Celtic music, culture and performance at The Gathering Festival this May at Ipswich Turf Club.

As one of Queensland’s largest Celtic festivals, the visitors will get to celebrate and discover Celtic heritage against the historic backdrop of Ipswich, and witness the colour and spectacle of the Queensland Pipe Band Championships, featuring 250 of Australia‚Äôs pipe band competitors.

The event, proudly supported by BEMAC (through RASN funding), will feature talented Celtic artists throughout the venue in impromptu style performances, and also hopes to provide a platform to launch new talent within the local Ipswich community.

A Highland dancing competition, Celtic music, lost arts and a medieval re-enactment will also feature at this annual Highland gathering of Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, Spanish, Cornish Celtic cultures. Visitors can also sample Haggis, learn how to play the bagpipes and even participate in the strong man style Highland games, featuring the caber toss, kilted dash and tug-of-war.

Festival organiser (Limestone Events Inc) has a vision for the event to become a major cultural festival on the Australian calendar, with a long-term focus to support youth Celtic music, culture and performance, through continued association with the City of Ipswich Pipe Band.

Limestone Events Inc. is a local not-for-profit association with the objective of conducting activities which promote arts, culture and heritage in Ipswich, with events all coordinated by a group of dedicated volunteers.

A range of opportunities exist for people to volunteer, perform or partner at The Gathering Festival. Simply head to or email


The Gathering Festival

23-24 May

Ipswich Turf Club