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BEMAC to expand arts coordination services into Logan and Ipswich

BEMAC to expand arts coordination services into Logan and Ipswich

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that BEMAC, as the arts arm of Access Community Services, has been awarded the Queensland Government‘s Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) contract to deliver on-the-ground arts services to the communities of Logan and Ipswich.

BEMAC Director Evan Alexander said the RASN model would draw upon BEMAC’s expertise and legacy of delivering arts-led projects and programs, and Access’ significant footprint within both communities, to build networks and collaborations across the two regions and between artists and companies.

“The opportunity to tap into and pull together the dynamic creative communities already operating within Ipswich and Logan, and work at building their existing infrastructure and capacity, while delivering activities and events prioritised by the regions, will lay the foundation for local arts to flourish, and the two regions to make their stamp on Queensland’s creative culture,” he said.

“We look forward to working alongside Arts Queensland and the State Coordination Office – QUEENSLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL. But most importantly, we’re looking forward to working with the community to deliver some amazing arts programs for everyone, across all art forms.”

Mr Alexander said the RASN approach would be responsive to local priorities in the two regions and will see the employment of a full-time regional arts officer, who will play a pivotal role in providing a coordinated approach to arts delivery across Ipswich and Logan.

“The RASN model will build the capacity of local arts and cultural providers, develop and deliver a wide range of activities, facilitate economic development through new employment and training opportunities and establish a base platform of (ongoing) increased funding for the arts (and related activities) into both LGA’s,” he said.

You can read more about the Network and funding here:…/regional-arts-services-network…