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BEMAC supporting photographer Lera Zavyalova through RASN

BEMAC supporting photographer Lera Zavyalova through RASN

BEMAC is supporting award-winning Logan photographer Lera Zavyalova with her photography project “My Australia.”

The project will see Lera compile a series of portraits of immigrants and their life stories.

It was started in the beginning of 2018, and is dedicated to the people of Australia. It tells different stories of the people who started their lives over in Australia. “Many people don’t notice each other and know nothing about one another. They might work together or study together, but they never ask to know the true feelings and thoughts of the person next to them. I hope that my photographs help people feel the life and journey of others,” said Lera.

“I was inspired by Issa, a refugee who came here by boat. I met him in an English class at TAFE. I had the wrong understanding of his culture and country before I met him. My interactions with Issa changed me. I had never seen someone who had such a strong spirit. After all he had been through, he worked to live a happy and peaceful life.”

Lera embarked on a journey to find people who came to Australia from other countries and cultures.

“Each person has a different experience to tell. A story to capture. I believe that my project can help others to empathize and gain a deeper understanding of the hardships of immigrants in Australia,” Lera said.

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