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BEMAC supports #qldgives

BEMAC supports #qldgives

There are an estimated 42.5 million people displaced by persecution and conflict in the world today. This breaks down to 15.2 million refugees, 26.4 million internally displaced persons and 895,000 asylum seekers.

Syrian human rights activist Rima Flihan, who, along with her two children was resettled in Logan, south of Brisbane two years ago said the experience of becoming a refugee was devastating.

“No-one chooses this,” she said.

“Your whole life, everything you have worked and fought for, slips through your fingers in an instant.”

The opportunity to be resettled in a stable country free of war and oppression is a dream shared by the millions of displaced persons around the world. But rebuilding your life in a new country is difficult.


“You arrive and you are at zero,” Ms Flihan said.

“You do not know anybody and you are in a brand new culture, very different to the one you grew up in. It is not easy. Once you have been rejected by your homeland, you wonder how and if you will ever belong.”

But Queenslanders give. They give their energy to rebuild communities after a natural disaster, volunteer their time for good causes, and dig deep to support those in need.

“The welcome my children and I received from Access staff when we arrived at the airport, and all the support and compassion we received made the biggest difference to making us feel welcome and like we truly were home now,” Ms Flihan said.

“Today I am proud to call Australia my home.”

BEMAC is proud to have partnered with the Queensland Government, 612 ABC Brisbane, and Queensland Rail to deliver the 2016 ‘Queensland Gives’ campaign.

Last year Queenslanders’ generous Christmas spirit saw more than 17 000 gifts donated to support survivors of domestic and family violence throughout the state.

This year, the appeal is allowing Queenslanders to illuminate their generosity by giving a welcome gift to recently-arrived migrants and refugees as they embark on a new life for themselves and their children in the sunshine state.

The appeal was launched on 21 November and will run until 9 December 2016. A target has been set for 10 000 items to be donated to welcome new arrivals to the state and assist them in making Queensland their home.

Access is one of five humanitarian settlement services across the state that will pass on the donated gifts directly to recipients – the others being Townsville Multicultural Support Group, Centacare Cairns, MDA Limited and Multicultural Families Organisation.

For gift criteria and ideas please visit

Support the appeal on social media by using #qldgives.