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Building capacity for Tamil & Indian arts community in Ipswich

Building capacity for Tamil & Indian arts community in Ipswich

Rajarajan Thennavan is on a mission to keep the Tamil and Indian cultures alive. Teaching the younger generation dance, public speaking, singing and more while teaching them about Tamil and Indian culture. This gap in the community led to The Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) being founded and is now thriving with over 1000 students going through their doors.

Their sights are set on the Springfield Multicultural Celebrations in 2020 and BEMAC is delighted to be supporting the Varnam Cultural Society do this through RASN funding. This project will provide opportunities for the experienced and inexperienced to develop skills in planning and implementation of a festival as well as dancing and other areas of event management.

Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) Inc. is a registered Non-Profit organisation that was started in April 2012 in order to identify, support, encourage and provide opportunities to new and hidden talents within the Tamil and Indian communities in Queensland.

Multicultural Tamil and Indian New Year Celebrations organised annually by Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) has experienced a tremendous growth since its start in 2012 and is now recognised as one of the premier multicultural events in QLD and brings together members of QLD Tamil and Indian communities (Malayalees, Punjabis, Fiji and Tamils from Sri Lanka, Malaysia), parents, children and community groups. The festival provides great opportunity to promote Tamil culture and the values of multiculturalism in general to the broader QLD community and has over the years provided a venue for close to 1000 artists and performers to showcase their talent.