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Creating Queensland’s Future: Logan Forum Report

Creating Queensland’s Future: Logan Forum Report

On Monday 3 December 2018, a regional forum was facilitated to seek the community’s input into the Queensland Government’s discussion paper, Creating Queensland’s Future:  Developing a 10 Year Roadmap for the arts, cultural and creative sector.  The forum was hosted by BEMAC on behalf of Arts Queensland (AQ) at the Logan Entertainment Centre (LEC), in Logan Central.

Approximately 50 people from the local community attended, as well as the Honourable Leanne Enoch MP, Minister for Environment, the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts.  Other distinguished guests included Logan City Councillor Russell Lutton, and Gail Ker OAM, CEO of Access.

Key themes that emerged were:

  • A need for community networking and information sharing
  • Developing stronger relationships through cross-sector engagement
  • Marketing and social media collaboration
  • Access and collaboration with venues, artists and relevant stakeholders
  • Youth engagement
  • Harnessing the diversity, authenticity and work ethic of the community of Logan
  • Recognising the value of the arts and supporting arts in the greater community
  • Open opportunity for each individual


  • Opportunities identified include:
    • Connecting and collaborating
    • Tourism (64% of visitors to the region are visiting family)
    • Indigenous stories
    • Location between Brisbane & the Gold Coast
    • Artist-led content
    • Existing Council initiatives (eg. Eats & Beats, Logan Live)


  • Barriers identified include:
    • Communication and lack of awareness of opportunities
    • Investment and reliance on Council
    • Complexities of some funding processes
    • Fake art (Indigenous and other)
    • Affordable places to perform
    • Central asset lists and databases to provide clear information


  • Ways forward identified:
    • Collaboration and networking
    • Create the ‘sector’
    • Databases
    • Businesses engage local artists
    • Collaborative marketing and building towards export marketing
    • Arts advisory board / group (RADF committee already exists)
    • Funding for public art / makers centres


  • Top actions identified:
    • Technology:  an online platform that brings individual arts workers and artists together to facilitate connection, improve communication and marketing via storytelling to compel people to get involved
    • Networks:  a “Collective”, using Kingston Butter Factory as “Creative HQ” to give arts people somewhere to network and the launching of a marketing campaign to effectively engage artists in artistic communities
    • Funding:  Collaborative partnerships in schools for authentic collaboration
    • Education:  All sector artists-in-residence in every school and business; arts advisory boards
    • Collaboration:  incentivise business to meet local artist quota; artists and creative people on Boards (i.e. hospitals, law firms, etc.)

RASN Logan projects leverage the vision outlined in the Logan City Council Arts, Culture & Heritage Strategy 2018 – 2022 and the activation of the city’s venues and resources, including the Kingston Butter Factory.