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On 29 November 2019 BEMAC, behalf of Arts Queensland hosted a consultation forum in Ipswich on the future of arts and creativity in Queensland. The forum was an invaluable opportunity for BEMAC and AQ to understand the specific challenges and aspirations held by the creative community of Ipswich.

The AQ consultation forum inspired two participants, Caragh Dickson and Pauline Bradbery, to co-find a local leadership mechanism called Creative Ipswich, which is focussed on bringing all creatives and artists in Ipswich together to create a thriving industry.

Caragh said Creative Ipswich is about getting all Ipswich creatives in one place. “When we say all, we mean people who study, work and play in the creative industry.  There are so many amazing creative groups and events happening in Ipswich already, however we have found that most people only one a small group or ‘pocket’ of the creative industry. We believe if the industry is going to thrive we all need to be on the same page, by connection and information. We believe if anyone in Ipswich could easily find and contact someone creative it would give more awareness and opportunities to our local creatives, this is why a creative directory is so important! We have the vision to see all ages, all cultures and all skill levels together growing and supporting each other,” she said.

To keep creatives connected an Instagram page has been set up, along with a Facebook group and page. “This will allow for all Ipswich creatives to connect and share information, with a vision to launch regular networking socials mid-year,” Caragh said. Ipswich creatives and artists are invited to follow Creative Ipswich on their various social media channels to stay up to date with what is happening in the Ipswich creative scene and join the Facebook group to connect with other creatives or engage with someone on a project.

Share what you are doing with the community with the hashtag #creativeipswich