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Deb forging a path for artists with a disability

Deb forging a path for artists with a disability

Ipswich local Deb Chilton is changing the path for artists with a disability.

In 2020, Deb was successful in receiving the Arts Queensland’s stART Grant, which BEMAC facilitated.

“My stART grant allowed me to present a digital presentation at the 2020 Arts and Disability Meeting Place, hosted by Arts Access Australia,” Deb said.

“Together with Gavin Lewis, our presentation included accessibility for Deaf and Disable artists.

“The 24 minute presentation with the accessibility components will be presented to the Ipswich arts community early in 2021”.

See some of Deb’s at her upcoming exhibition in March. Tickets can be purchased here.

Visit Belonging Through Artbooks┬áto learn more about Deb’s projects.

We want to congratulate Deb again on her amazing accomplishments and cannot wait to see what exciting new projects she brings in the future!