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Get your copy of Echoes Volume IV here

Get your copy of Echoes Volume IV here

Featuring the best music from BEMAC artists, Echoes Volume IV has been released and this year it is available as a FREE digital download!

Once again, we have scoured the soundscape for the best musical offerings by Queensland’s multicultural musicians and we dare say, we may have put together the best Echoes compilation yet. Featuring Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra, Jesswar, SK Simeon, Gen, Mzaza, Greshka, Liam Doolan, Sharon Brown, Efiq Zulfiqar, Groovai and Pegah Varamini, Echoes Vol 4 dishes up a smouldering cross-section of Queensland’s most talented world, folk and traditional songs by established and emerging multicultural artists.

BEMAC’s Echoes release is now a well established showcase of Australian music talent from mainly Queensland-based artists, many of which are world renowned. The Compilation is also a high quality source of music to many radio presenters around Australia looking to support airplay for multicultural artists, providing them with exposure to a wider audience.
Download Echoes Vol IV here.