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Granderella – Celebrating Our Elders

Granderella – Celebrating Our Elders

BEMAC is thrilled to support local photography studio Salt Mama’s project “Granderella”, celebrating the lives of the Grandmothers over 60 of Ipswich through portraits and stories.

Project founder Amanda Waschevski will be interviewing participants to create portraits to be displayed in an exhibit alongside their stories. Amanda is on a mission to help Mama’s exist in print, just as they are. She want to help mums understand that they matter enough to have a portrait of themselves hanging on the wall.

“My favourite subjects are Mamas” said Amanda “I love to photograph them just as they are, everyday. I believe that every woman is a work of art when they allow themselves to be seen honestly and wholly.”

“My hope is for every woman to have an anchor to her own truth hanging on her wall – a truth that she loves and loves to look at so that she can show her children how to love themselves for who they are, not just how they are” Amanda Waschevski said.

If you would love to be involved with this project head on over to the website.