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The Hood receives RASN support

The Hood receives RASN support

Alabaster Theatre has been providing original musical theatre to Logan since 2010. The company runs a theatre school every Thursday and trains kids and teens in the performing arts by giving them real life performing experience with all the pressure, hard work and passion that goes into becoming a performing artist.

Having recently partnered with Alabaster Theatre to deliver ACTIVATE for Logan’s young people, BEMAC is excited to be supporting their upcoming musical adaptation of the story of Red Riding Hood. Filled with original Hip Hop and Contemporary music and dancing, and featuring a diverse cast varying from ages 7 to 18, Alabaster brings this timeless story alive with new and old characters to love and hate.

With hours of rehearsals, set design, costuming, writing and composing having gone into the production, BEMAC is thrilled to be able to support “The Hood”, which will be presented on June 15, 6pm at 2 Wineglass Drive, Hillcrest.

Join Little Red as she ventures through the Woods with her magical Hood to grannies house. With villains and heroes to guide and scare, Red must beware of the snare in the woods.

Alabaster Theatre was founded by Bethany Carlos, a passionate writer and storyteller with a personal mission to tell stories that bring hope and make people feel alive and inspired, both performers and audience members.