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Hymba Yumba Song Line receives funding from BEMAC

Hymba Yumba Song Line receives funding from BEMAC

BEMAC is thrilled to be supporting Hymba Yumba Independent School’s Song Line project.

Teacher Trevor Fourmile said Hymba Yumba Song Line is about bridging cultures through music.

“Music has always been an integral part of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for many years,” he said.

“Song and dance passed down from generations to generation carries the traditions, identity, beliefs and customs.

“This project will help our jarjums to express their stories through music as we have practised in the past and present. This will also help build community resilience and strong connectedness with the wider community.”

The project will target Years 4 and 5 students and be held weekly at Hymba Yumba Independent School. Brass instruments, as well as traditional instruments like the didgeridoo, will be incorporated in the project.

“We’re so excited and looking forward to bigger and greater outcomes for our students (jarjums),” Mr Fourmile said.